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Who is Eligible to apply for our trips?

Please read over these criteria to determine if you are eligible for a Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience trip.

The Birthright Israel gift is open to all *Jewish young adults ages 18-32 who have not participated on an educational trip since they turned 18, nor lived in Israel past the age of 12


Starting in Summer 2018 Birthright Israel will expand age eligibility to include trips for 27 to 32-year-olds!

All participants must be between 18 and 32 years of age and no longer be in high school by the time their trip departs.

Jewish Heritage

Eligible individuals are those recognized as Jewish by their local Jewish community or by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism.  Applicants must also have at least one Jewish birth parent, or have completed Jewish conversion through a recognized Jewish denomination.

Previous Israel Experience

*For confirmation on whether participation on a specific Israel trip affects your eligibility, please contact us at 1-800-567-4772/416-398-6931. The CIE national headquarter in Toronto is the only source that can determine eligibility for the trips.*

Every applicant MUST successfully complete a mandatory one on one conversation. with the CIE call centre as part of the application process. Please note: CIE has the right to rescind a trip offer at any time, should an applicant be deemed ineligible by the mandatory one on one conversation or through their application.

I’ve been to Israel before. Am I eligible?

It depends. If you have been to Israel before, but only with your family or on other personal business, you are still eligible if you were there for under 3 months.

Before the age of 18:

Applicants who travelled to Israel prior to turning 18 on a program designed for high school teens shorter than 3 months in length are eligible. If you were 18 at the time of the trip, you are eligible as long as the trip was designed for high school students. Most applicants who participated in a high school Israel program for up to a semester are eligible.

18 and older 

Applicants who travelled to Israel after turning 18 on a program designed for college students or young adults that lasted more than 6 nights in Israel are NOT eligible. Such programs include; university programs, any study abroad, gap year, Yeshiva/seminary internship and any other experience under the umbrella of Onward Israel or Masa Israel. Applicants who travelled to Israel since turning 18 on a family trip, a multi-generational trip, or some interfaith/secular experiences are eligible.

There are a few programs such as volunteering for Magen David Adom, Save a Childs Heart, Maccabiah games, March of the Living High School program, and Federation missions that do not affect your eligibility

Please note that we do not list every Israel program on our website. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific Israel experience.

Important Passport Information

A valid passport is one that expires a minimum of 6 months after your return date (for example, if you return from Israel on June 15, 2019, your passport must expire no earlier than December 15, 2019).  This is non-negotiable and is an airline policy, not a Canada Israel Experience policy. Please ensure that your passport is in good condition.  Worn or torn pages can result in any airline refusing to accept your passport for travel.

Please do not forget that even if your passport is valid until the return date of the group, if you choose to extend your trip by even a few days past the 6-month rule, your passport will not be valid for travel. If you do not currently have a valid passport, please contact your local passport office to begin your application process.  Obtaining a valid passport can take up to six weeks. Give yourself enough time so that you can upload your valid passport by the deadline given to you. Please ensure that your passport is in good condition.  Stained or torn pages can result in any airline refusing to accept a passport for travel.

Attention: Israeli Citizens

If you were born in Israel, or have/ever had an Israeli passport (i.e. you lived there for an extended period of time, or your parents are Israeli citizens and they applied for you to have one etc.), you will be required to email us a copy of your valid Israeli passport along with your army exemption papers.

If you were born in Israel, have ever held Israeli citizenship or have held an Israeli passport you are not eligible unless you can prove by official documentation that you left Israel before the age of 12. Documentation can be in the form of a Landed Immigrant Certificate or a report card from the school you attended in Canada at the time.

If you haven’t begun the process of Israeli documentation, we suggest you contact your local consulate of Israel to begin this process immediately; you will not be able to participate on our program without these documents.

Please note that these documents may take 6-8 weeks to be processed. We encourage you to begin this process immediately once you have applied for a trip.

For more information please contact the Israeli Consulate nearest you as soon as possible to speak with a consular staff:

Ottawa: (613) 567-6450
Toronto: (416) 640-8500
Montreal: (514) 940-8500
Online:  Israeli Consulate in Toronto

Do you have a question? Please do not hesitate to contact us at Canada Israel Experience for clarification of eligibility rules at 1–800-567-4772 or

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